I never got my gift card?

When you Sign in with Apple, you have the option of sharing your email with us directly or Apple providing us with a forwarding email.

If you didn't see your gift card, you likely elected the latter, and Apple forwarded the e-gift card to the email associated with your Apple ID. To find this email, please follow the instructions below:
On your iPhone, go to Settings, then tap [your name].
  1. Tap "Password & Security"
  2. Tap "Apps Using Your Apple ID"
  3. Tap "Press Play Sweepstakes!"
  4. See the section titled "HIDE MY EMAIL", here, you'll see the above forwarding relay and the "FORWARD TO" email where you'll receive all emails from Press Play Sweepstakes.
  5. IMPORTANT: If you turn your forwarding OFF you'll need to email support@playpressplay.com and request we update your email. If we do not update your email you will not receive any emails from Press Play, including any winning announcements. 
Your e-gift card was delivered by The Press Play Team and emailed from noreply@tangocard.com.

If you are still having issues, please contact us with your username and we will take a look at your account.

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